If you are thinking of buying a carport, do not make the mistake of buying the first design that you come across. Although these structures are highly versatile, it is crucial to ensure that the style you choose would be able to meet your unique needs. Some homeowners may believe that the only considerations they need to bear in mind are the materials and colours of the carport as they try to make it complement the kerb appeal of their residence. In reality, there are other things to deliberate, particularly structural considerations.

Freestanding carport design

A freestanding carport is one of the favourite options for homeowners looking for enhanced flexibility when it comes to the placement of their carport. With a freestanding structure, all you need to do is establish what part of your property would be best suited to accommodate your carport while also providing easy access to your vehicle. A few things to keep in mind when contemplating free standing carport design include:

  • The distance between the carport and your property boundary as you would not want it on the street
  • Any rules and regulations from your home owners' association regarding the street facing side of your property
  • Whether the installation of your carport would impede on your neighbour's line of sight or block the sunshine to their property

Attached carport design

If you would like your carport to appear to be a direct extension of your home, then an attached design would be suited to your needs. A little-known fact about attached designs is that they could cost less than their freestanding counterparts could, as they do not require additional materials to support one end of the carport. When opting for this style of carport, make sure that you invest in materials that match your primary structure so that the carport does not look conspicuous but rather blends in with the overall kerb appeal of your premises.  If you opt for a steel carport, you may want to powder coat it the same colours as your home for uniformity. Some things to bear in mind when considering attached carport design include:

  • Determine whether the current fascia of your primary structure would be able to support the weight of the carport
  • If the carport materials are dense, you may want to reinforce the fascia just to be on the safe side
  • Establish whether the frame of your roof requires reinforcement before the carport can be attached to the edge of your home

For more information about adding a carport to your home, contact contractors at companies like Apollo Patio Roofing.