The major problem with DIY tree removal is the issue of the stump. Typically, tree removal leaves behind a stump in your yard. However, a tree stump won't disappear unless it's grinded, which is not an easy task for the ordinary homeowner. This is because specialised equipment and training are needed to eliminate the tree stumps from your yard. As a result, homeowners should leave the work of tree stump removal to a professional tree service company. Thinking about DIY tree removal and leaving the stump behind? Here are reasons why that is such a bad idea.

Tree stumps are unsightly

The sight of tree stumps in your yard leaves a lot to be desired. Over time, they will turn into a decomposed mess much to your chagrin. When you cut a tree close to or slightly beyond the grade, the remaining stump may continue to produce sucker growth. These hideous suckers absorb nutrients from adjacent plants thus, destroying the rest of your landscape. Overtime, these re-growing trees become ugly bushes akin to their former, developed form.


A landscape left with stumps poses a serious risk to your children and guests to your home since they pose a tripping danger. The potential of such accidents can be avoided if only a professional tree removal service is hired for the job. Imagine you're mowing your lawn, and the mowing machine accidentally bumps into the stump. You will be quite lucky if a trip to the repair shop isn't needed. Overall, these stumps create a liability problem in your yard.

Pest infestation

Decaying stumps often attract wood boring beetles, termites, carpenter ants and other dangerous pests. In case the stump is adjacent to other healthy trees, the well-being of those trees might be in jeopardy as pests infest the stump.  Moreover, tree stumps may harbour various diseases which can attack other surrounding trees causing their death. Moreover, your home may also be attacked by wood-destroying pests brought about by the stump. Investing an initial outlay on professional tree removal can save you all these potential damages.

Hire a tree removal service

Homeowners may contemplate saving the money for hiring a tree removal service and undertake the process on their own. In the end, they may end up dealing with massive damages caused by the remaining stumps which may be quite costly.  Because tree stump removal is difficult for the ordinary person, it's better to have a professional arbourist perform the entire tree removal and stump grinding process.