A home extension is a great way of creating extra space in your property which can be used to accommodate a new family member or to allow yourself the room to throw fantastic parties where lots of people can hang out and dance together. The typical home extension involves building an additional set of walls onto one side of your property in order to create a new space. However, you have a range of options. Below are three alternative home extensions you may wish to consider.

A split-level extension

If your home sits on a sloped area of land, a split-level extension may be a useful option. Constructing a split-level extension involves constructing the extension at a different height to the main floor of your home. For example, if the land next to your property slopes away, you have the option of excavating a space within this slope in which the extension can be constructed. Because they are often located away from the main area of the home, and on a different floor, split-level extensions are great if you wish to build a study or library where you would like some peace and quiet. 

An outdoor-indoor extension

An outdoor-indoor extension is a good compromise if you cannot decide between extending your home out into your garden space or constructing a patio space instead. An outdoor-indoor extension incorporates an extension of your property out into the backyard. This indoor area will help to provide shelter during rainy days and will provide shade on sunny days. Bifold doors are fitted in order to create a buffer between the indoor part of the extension and the outdoors. During warmer weather, you can easily open these doors so you can enjoy the outdoor space. During colder weather, you can close these doors and still enjoy the additional space.

A loft conversion

If your property features a large roof space, you may wish to consider converting the loft so that it can be used as an additional living space. The major benefit of doing so is that you will not need to construct any new walls, you can simply convert the existing space by laying down flooring and by ensuring the space is properly insulated. You will probably want to add a skylight, so the loft space has some natural light.

If you would like further advice and information, you should speak to a construction contractor.