If you have decided to embark on a construction project on your property, there are several considerations you would have to bear in mind. Other than the building supplies that you need, you would also have to determine what type of equipment would be pertinent to help you transport the supplies from one part of your property to another. A mistake some people make is assuming they can simply haul these materials using a wheelbarrow, which can prove extremely tedious if the construction project is extensive. The following overview highlights some of the hauling equipment options you can consider for transporting your building supplies.


This type of hauling equipment is useful when looking to carry loose building supplies such as gravel, sand, dirt and more. Once the materials are in the loader, you can then transport them to a different area of your construction site or transfer the materials onto another piece of equipment, for instance, a conveyor belt or a dump truck. When selecting a loader as part of your hauling equipment, you need to keep the site's terrain in mind. Loaders will typically be available with either a wheelbase for smooth terrain or a track base for rough terrain.


An assumption people have about tractors is that they are exclusively used for pushing or pulling construction equipment. This pushing and pulling may be their primary use, but tractors can also be highly efficient as hauling equipment too. For your tractor to accomplish different transportation applications on your construction site, you have to fit it with the appropriate components. A few of the accessories that you could consider for your tractor include buckets, quick hitches, backhoes and more. When choosing a tractor, it is important to consider its base, just as you would with a loader. Track-based tractors are better-suited or muddy terrains, but they tend to move much slower than their wheel-based counterparts do.


Excavators are a ubiquitous piece of material in most construction projects as they are quite versatile. Although their primary application is in earth moving, they can also come in handy in transporting building supplies. The first thing to consider when contemplating an excavator for construction transport is the size that would be suited to your needs depending on the extent of the project. Secondly, you should determine which attachments would make the transportation of your building supplies easier such as mud buckets, rock buckets, tilting buckets and more.