If you are an unconventional home owner, you probably never play by the rules. You are always looking for out of the norm alternatives. So, what do you do when you're looking for splashback possibilities that go beyond the platform?

If you're looking to branch out in your kitchen design, here are statement making unconventional splashbacks that will help spice up your kitchen. 

1.    Painted glass splashback

Vibrant colours, a luxurious feel, and a contemporary design: this is what a painted glass kitchen splashback is all about. A glass splashback can be painted in a range of colours to offer a beautiful depth and radiance to your kitchen.  You can colour match your splashback to any colour of your choosing.

Alternatively, if you want a little twist or a personal touch to your splashback, you can include LED lighting or an image behind the glass.

A glass splashback represents a stunning look and offers a stunning finishing touch to a modern kitchen style. What's more is that a glass splashback is affordable, easy to clean, durable and practical.

2.    Textured glass splashback

A textured glass splashback adds a stunning feel and a perfect finishing touch to a classic kitchen style. You can choose from different textures that include clean geometrical patterns or straight lines to more striking patterns such as swirls and waves or random designs that suit your style.

A textured glass splashback adds an attractive, yet interesting visual element that somehow introduces another dimension to a kitchen.

3.    Mirror splashback

Mirrors add a striking decorative touch to an existing look. Adding a mirrored splashback is a genius idea that will make a big impact in your kitchen. A mirror splashback works well with both traditional and contemporary kitchen designs, often creating an elegant look to a modern kitchen and adding a modern finish to a more traditional kitchen.

If you have a small kitchen, a mirror splashback makes a great choice since the mirrored surface reflects light creating an impression of increased floor space. If you're looking to add a unique personal stamp, consider using an antique mirror splashback.

4.    Clear glass over timber veneer splashback

Combining glass and timber veneer creates a polished, refined splashback that suits a modern kitchen. It also adds warmth and a point of focus in a kitchen.

Adding clear glass to a timber veneer makes for a wonderful surprise on splashback.

5.    Speckled glass splashback

Nothing compliments other textured surfaces in a kitchen more than a speckled glass splashback. It's glass, it's toughened, it's durable, but it's so much more when you add a speckled pattern to point out the difference to the standard splashback.