Commercial real estate is a profitable field for both individuals and groups. Investing in this form of development typically guarantees a long-term and stable income if one decides to let to businesses. Also, built property appreciates in value. If you are interested in developing your urban land, there are some important factors that you must consider. 

One of these crucial things which you should consider during the initial stages is obtaining a permit for the development from the council. Without approval, your investment will be at risk of shutdown, and you could experience extended delays. Consider these outlined guidelines to help you ensure that the process of obtaining a permit is fast and efficient.

Review Your Development Design

You should reevaluate your construction plan before lodging your application. Often, projects are delayed and permits denied because of property plans with simple mistakes. Therefore, you should hire experienced contractors to examine the drawings before proceeding. In simple terms, do not rely only on your commercial property designer or architect. 

These professionals might not be able to take all technical aspects into account. For instance, the council must ensure that the local, regional and national development regulations are followed. Ideally, you should obtain the services of engineers, real estate developers and building inspectors. The experts can verify your plan and prevent the wastage of time and money on redraws.

Choose a Town Planner for Negotiation

When you lodge your development application, you should choose an urban planner to help you with the process of negotiation. Your request for the permit is unlikely to be accepted right away. When you have an urban planning expert on your side, you will have better chances of avoiding obstructions. The planner will pre-empt the oppositions which will be posed by the council from the initial discussion. 

The planning consultant will also be responsible for providing additional information before approval. If a redraw is requested, the town planner will be able to provide appropriate guidance to the architect or designer to match the expectations of the council.

Make Concessions with Care

Finally, when looking for a permit for your new development, you should make smart concessions during the negotiations. You should evaluate the aspects of your project against which the council is opposed. Rank them in order of importance for the discussions. Start with the least crucial points and concede to the council. This practice will make them more willing to accommodate your needs for the more critical elements.