One of the areas of the home that is most susceptible to water damage is the bathroom. Hence, waterproofing service is imperative for bathroom areas. If you intend to build an upstairs bathroom in your home, it is important that you waterproof the bathroom during the construction period and not post-construction. Read on to understand why:

It will help avoid costly repairs.

A bathroom that hasn't been waterproofed can cause extensive structural damage to the home. When the floors of an upstairs bathroom aren't waterproofed, the water can seep right through the floors and stain the ceiling of the floor underneath. By the time water stains will be showing on the ceiling of the lower storey, the infiltrating water would have caused major structural damage to the home. If the subfloor of the bathroom is made of structural wood, for example, the wood might have become rotten and will need to be replaced. This may call for extensive repair work, as a significant portion of the affected floors and ceiling may have to be torn down. This, in turn, may result in escalated repair costs.

It will help avoid future inconveniences.

Waterproofing your upstairs bathroom after construction is not only more expensive but it can also result in disruption of normal activities in the home while the waterproofing job is ongoing. If a house construction contractor establishes that waterproofing repairs need to be carried out in an upstairs bathroom, the occupants of the home may be asked to arrange for alternative accommodation because they'll need to vacate the building while the repair work is ongoing. Aside from that, the home owners may also have to move their stuff to a different room so as to prevent potential damage.

It will help maintain the value of the property.

Home owners that intend to sell their home later, can maintain the value of their property by waterproofing their upstairs bathroom during construction. As mentioned earlier, leaving the bathroom unprotected against the potential for water damage can lead to serious structural damage, which can significantly decrease the asking price for the entire home.

It will help keep people safe.

An upstairs bathroom that isn't waterproofed during construction is a ticking time bomb. If the problem is not addressed early enough, the structural integrity of the house will be compromised due to water damage. This will, in turn, put the occupants of a home in harm's way.

Be sure to talk to a bathroom waterproofing specialist about your specific needs and concerns before embarking on the construction of your dream home. Contact a company like Westside Sealants Pty Ltd for more information and assistance.