The construction sector requires a lot of tools and accessories which aid in the seamless completion of projects. All these tools and accessories are used from the beginning of construction, which is the foundation to the very last detail, which is the finishing. In construction, each particular project represents an entirely different dimension in spite of them being all under one professional category. For instance, the work of a plumber in fitting pipes is distinct from that of building a roof or installing window panes. As a builder's hardware, it is important to have the general tools used by all the construction groups such as hammers and measuring tapes. It is also important to have the individual tools and accessories used by the particular groups such as chisels for wood workers. The tools found in a builder's hardware include striking, layout and woodworking accessories.

  1. Striking Tools – A striking tool represents a hand tool which comprises a handle whose end is attached a weighted head. The tool is used to offer striking force which can be used in breaking or pushing nails into a surface depending on the requirement. The examples of striking tools which can be found in a builder's hardware include hammers, nail sets, punches, rip and pry as well as multifunctional bars. The hammer and the nail sets, for instance, are tools which can be used by a broad range of builders ranging from carpenters to those dealing with the roof.
  2. Layout Tools – A layout tool can be regarded to as an instrument which is used in the process of laying out workplaces. This can be through measuring of lengths, the scribing of lines as well as marking off sections with regard to measurements. The tools which are used in this include chalks, chalk reels, pencils and crayons to scribe and mark sections.  Other devices include stud finders, squares and bevels as well as levels. These are also some of the tools which can be used by all builders to ensure their work remains neat and professional.
  3. Woodworking Tools – Woodworking tools represent an array of tools and accessories which are mostly used by carpenters in the construction fraternity. These tools are used in the installation of doors and wooden fittings all around the house. Some of the tools under this category include chisels, planes, hinges, an assortment of locks and architectural door trims. Such tools ensure that the wood work is made efficient and effective.