Pattern pave is a great exterior flooring solution for homeowners looking to create a unique appearance on their property. Nevertheless, after you have decided on pattern paving, you then have to make a decision on which type of material to use. Natural stone materials are a favourite option, but you still have to decide which kind of natural stone would be most beneficial to your property. One natural stone material that is becoming a staple in Australian homes is travertine. Read on to learn why this multi-faceted material makes an excellent choice material for your pattern paving.

Travertine lends a visually appealing aesthetic to your pattern paving

One of the major selling points of travertine is the unique patterns on its surface that are formed by the innate veining of the stone. In addition to this, travertine comes in an array of colours, which is unlike some other stone materials, which are available in hues of grey or black. The colour variations in the travertine are determined by the iron content in the stone, and you can find it in shades of brown, ivory, red, beige and even golden hues! Lastly, travertine is also available in different finishes. The most popular option for exterior pattern paving is a matte finish, but you could also select polished finishes, brushed finishes and tumbled finishes. 

Travertine is an eco-conscious choice for pattern paving

If you are leaning toward an eco-friendly lifestyle to reduce your household' impact on the environment, travertine would be a great material to use for your pattern paving. A little-known fact about this natural stone is that it is an eco-friendly alternative to flooring materials such as porcelain tiles, as they do not emit toxins into the environment when being manufactured. Moreover, travertine is also highly durable, which minimises the need to replace your pattern paving and contribute to landfill waste constantly. However, you would have to ensure that the pattern paving is adequately sealed so that the travertine does not succumb to chemical degradation and weathering.

Travertine is an affordable choice for pattern paving

Another reason why homeowners should choose travertine over other materials is due to how economically viable this stone is. With the broad range of options available, you can be assured of complementing the kerb appeal of your home without having to pay a small fortune to have your pattern paving material customised to your needs. Additionally, the freeze-thaw resistance of the travertine ensures that your pattern paving will not quickly succumb to damage during severe weather changes. 

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