Proper door locks are essential for defending your commercial space against burglars, vandals and disgruntled ex-employees. If you are looking to upgrade your locks, you should consider installing electronic products. These locks are not vulnerable to bumping and picking. So, your security level will increase significantly. You will also eliminate the inconvenience of keys. Also, you will have more access control options. Here are some considerations to help you select the right electronic lock. 

Type of Access Control

There are different locking methods which are available for modern digital locks. You must choose the most suitable match for you and your employees. The simplest but highly effective choice is a lock that uses personal identification number or code for access control. This option ensures security by providing a unique PIN to workers for lock operation. You can select a product with traditional buttons, but a touchscreen surface will not experience surface wear.

Fingerprint locks are beneficial for high-security areas in the commercial space. For example, you can install these products to secure the CCTV room, data centre or executive offices. These are hard to hack because there is no PIN to be shared or a key which can be stolen. You should also note that newer locks can use smartphones for unlocking doors through Bluetooth. Compare all the commercial electronic locks and find your perfect product.

Programming Options

You should check the programming options which are provided with the digital locks. Programming features can help in enhancing security in the commercial space and promoting personal accountability in the employees. You should inquire about the number of unique identities that you can install in your preferred lock and allowed access at any one point. 

In general, fingerprint, PIN and even smartphone operated locks will have a maximum number of identities which can be programmed. Make sure that the total number matches the needs of your operation. You should also inquire about the possibility of connecting the lock to your security system. With this feature, you can program an alarm to sound if the wrong code is input.

Power Options

Electronic locks require a source of power for operation. This aspect is considered to be a major shortcoming in digital products. If there is no power, you will be locked out until the supply returns. In ideal circumstances, you should choose a lock which works with an electrical connection but with a backup battery. If the lock is purely battery-operated, ensure that a backup key is available.