You should think about using epoxy flooring if you are planning on restoring your old concrete flooring. Epoxy will improve the appearance of your old floor, and you can choose a colour that matches your desired aesthetics. In addition, the epoxy coating will protect the concrete from harmful substances such as grease, chemicals and stains. Here are some essential guidelines on applying a long-lasting coat of epoxy on your concrete floor.

Repair Cracks and Holes

You should not apply epoxy if the surface has cracks and holes. In general, the damage in concrete surfaces tends to escalate over time. Therefore, if you apply the material over a crack, the fissure will expand with time and the epoxy coating will fail. Fortunately, most forms of degradation can be repaired with considerable ease. You will only need to clean out the damaged areas and seal the cracks and holes in the structure with a patching product.

Grind the Flooring

In general, when a concrete floor is built, the surface is trowelled to create a smooth surface. Unfortunately, epoxy will not bond optimally with such a smooth surface. If you proceed before texturing the surface, your coating will fail prematurely. Therefore, you should plan on grinding the concrete flooring to create a relatively rough texture. You can use a diamond grinder for this process. This equipment is fitted sanding pads for texturing.

There are other methods for scuffing or roughening up the concrete flooring. For instance, you can use an abrasive blasting technique. If metal shots are blasted using specialty equipment at high speeds, they will change the flooring surface. It is also possible to use non-mechanical means for surface texturing. You can etch the surface using chemicals such as acid. You will only need to pour the corrosive product, brush the surface and rinse before beginning epoxy application.

Clean the Surface

You should not begin applying your epoxy coating on concrete floors before cleaning the surface. Like paint, the epoxy will not adhere properly on dirty surfaces. In most cases, concrete floors can be cleaned by using a broom or a vacuum to eliminate the dirty. Then, you will need to wash the surface using a stiff brush and a suitable cleaning solution or degreaser. If there are heavy or stubborn stains on the floor, you should consider hiring a pressure washer for efficient cleaning.

Finally, you should choose the right type of epoxy coating for your flooring, according to the level of traffic, chemical exposure and general environment.