At the end of a hard day at work, a hot shower is a wonderful way to de-stress and wash away the grime of the day. But, when you look down and notice you are up to your ankles in hot water, then your stress levels rise again pretty quickly. As a first-time homeowner who has never dealt with a blocked shower drain before, your first instinct is to get on the phone to a plumber. However, before you do, try these two tips to see if you can temporarily unblock the shower drain yourself.

Boil the Jug

One of the most common reasons why a shower drain blocks up is because of an accumulation of body fats and soap. When these two items congeal together, they harden to create a substance which sits across the shower drain and blocks it. Just like when you wash your greasy dishes, hot water is a quick way to dissolve the fat mass. So, head into your kitchen, fill your jug with cold water and wait for it to boil. Then, take this scalding water back into your bathroom and pour it slowly into the shower drain. Wait one minute, and if the water does not start flowing down the drain, then repeat the process again. If there is still no action after the second jug of hot water, then it is time to move to Plan B.

Remove the Drain Cover

The next most common reason for a shower drain block is human hair, and this cannot be dissolved with hot water. So, once the water in the shower tray has cooled, then it is time to remove the shower drain cover to remove the hair blockage. Your shower drain cover should lift easily when you slide an object like a knife into one of the drain holes and then use the utensil to pry the drain cover loose. You could also use a knitting needle or a flathead screwdriver. Once the drain cover is removed, shine a torch into the drain to find your blockage. Wear a pair of gloves before you fish out the hair from the drain trap. If you cannot see what is blocking the drain, then it is time for Plan C.

Plan C is to pick up your phone and call the plumber for help. When you cannot see what is causing the blocked drain then you need a plumber's camera, which snakes further into the drain to find the blockage. In this situation, it is advisable to leave this task to the professional so that you do not inadvertently end up cracking your drain and causing an even bigger problem.