Construction contractors today have to work with a myriad of other professionals to ensure the success of a construction project. From local authority representatives to architects and designers, it is paramount that construction contractors value these relationships. That said, there is a common mistake that most startup construction contractors make which is ignoring engineering surveying services. If you are one such firm, then you should understand the critical role that an engineering surveyor plays in construction projects. This article highlights the essential functions.

Site Set Out

Any experienced construction contractor will tell you that it is an understatement to state that a construction site is a busy place. From building earthworks and retaining walls to entrances and exits, the activities in a construction site never seem to stop. Due to the numerous events taking place, efficiency is of utmost importance for any construction contractor. Therefore, analysing all the civil works required and setting them out according to the available space promotes efficiency. For instance, if a worksite is small, then an engineering surveyor will propose several entrances and exits so that the movement of mobile machines is not hindered. Most importantly, engineering surveying sets a project site in a manner that achieves optimal efficiency and promotes project success.

Examine Design Compliance

Different municipalities have different building codes that all construction contractors must observe. It is essential because a completed building will only be commissioned for occupancy if it complies with design codes that are set forth. The only way it will happen is if a representative from the local authority's office is satisfied with your compliance efforts. An engineering surveyor is the single professional that will ensure you do not get into problems with the authorities. For example, if the design of a building does not meet height codes or additional structures and the contractor does not consult an engineering surveyor, then you will violate building codes. However, if you hire an engineering surveyor during the design phase, the surveyor will notice potential code violations, thereby allowing you to make corrections early enough. It saves both time and money.

Measure Performance of Completed Structures

How do you know if the building you are in charge of can accommodate occupants safely? It is one thing to build a structure but another to guarantee its safety over a prolonged time. It is where engineering surveyors come in since they take samples such as concrete cores of various load bearing walls for test purposes. The surveyors then certify whether a structure's concrete and other support structures are strong enough to accommodate occupants. Not only does it help you avoid future calamities, but an engineering survey also builds confidence on the part of potential occupants.