The septic tank is one of the safest waste disposal systems in the home. A well-installed and properly maintained septic tank and home drainage system can serve you for decades without the need for replacements. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not understand the practices which normally lead to destruction of the septic tank system. Tree planting, for instance, is encouraged because it has environmental and aesthetic benefits in the home. However, the same trees can become the main source of septic tank complications and even lead to complete damage to the system. Here are three guidelines to follow when dealing with trees and your septic tank system:

Understanding the Risk Trees Pose

The main source of problems with trees in the compound -- especially when they are planted close to the sewer lines and the septic tank -- is that their roots can infiltrate the lines and cause blockages. Tree roots are drawn to sewer lines and the septic tank because of the moisture surrounding them. When roots grow into the walls of the sewer pipes, they block the flow of water and solid waste. The water then backs up into the house and affects bathroom and toilet drainage. Sometimes this blockage creates a plug, which is close to impossible to remove without cutting off part of the drainage pipe.

Checking the Location of Septic Drain Lines

The first thing you need to do before planting trees in the home is to check the location of the drain lines. If the septic tank was installed before you purchased the home, you could get this information from the house blueprints and other design plans. Create a distance between your drain lines and location of the trees you are planting to prevent roots from wandering into your sewer system.

Tree Root Removal

Blockages and waste backing up into the house are usually the first sign that there could be a root blocking your sewer. The best way to deal with this problem is calling in a competent plumber or septic maintenance expert to remove the blockage. If the blockage is located between the tank and the drain field, your septic tank might also need pumping.

Always consult competent septic tank maintenance experts when handling installation, maintenance and repair of your septic tank system. Professionals will make sure that the tank and the surroundings are in excellent condition. Proper septic system management will promote hygiene in the home and reduce cases of water damage. 

For more information about septic tank maintenance, contact your local septic services today.