Rather than installing dull grey concrete, why not incorporate clay brick pavers across your driveway, patio and pathways? A beautiful outdoor living space will enhance your home and create a pleasant environment for you to enjoy. Here are several benefits.

Variety Of Design Options

Clay brick pavers come in a variety of colours — pinks, reds, buffs, oranges and tans — in diverse shapes and sizes. You can form different patterns to add interest to the landscape; herringbone, running bond or circular fan designs are among the possibilities. Warm and earthy, a detailed brick surface creates a more appealing garden.

Durable And Easy Maintenance

These pavers form a sturdy and durable surface that's highly resistant to cracking; thus, it's ideal for driveways that carry heavy vehicles. Individual pavers can settle as the ground shifts, and this lessens the likelihood of breakages. Solid continuous surfaces, on the other hand, such as concrete, can tend to crack with temperature changes and movement. As well, you'll be able to enjoy your delightful brick surface without expending a lot of maintenance as it will require little upkeep. If any bricks fracture, you can selectively replace only those that need repair. 

Safe And Non Slip

For pool areas and outdoor paths that need to be safe in all weather, bricks pavers are an excellent option. Their textured and patterned surface creates grip and traction, so you won't have to worry about your safety if it rains or pool water splashes about. As well, if laid correctly with proper drainage, the surface will help to channel water safely away. Brick pavers also absorb some water which prevents it from pooling on top to create a slipping hazard.

Harmonise With The Landscape

You can incorporate brick pavers in other ways around your home for a coordinated effect. Border the garden beds to neaten their edges and contain the soil. Alternatively, raise a garden and encircle it with a brick retaining wall. What about a fire pit that you can gather around with friends and family on cool nights? 

Brick pavers suit a variety of places, driveways, paths and patios. With a range of earthy hues to select from, you can purchase differently shaped pavers in your landscape supplies, and lay them in various patterns to create interest. Additionally, these pavers can contribute to other hardscape structures — contrasting against softer foliage to generate an appealing environment for you to admire and enjoy. And because of their durability, you most likely won't have to replace them for many years.

To learn more about pavers, contact a company offering landscape supplies in your area.