Waterproofing is found throughout many areas of your average house, from the kitchen to the bathrooms and even the basement. What you may not know is that different types of waterproofing will age in unique ways, and some of them are more susceptible to the ravages of time than others. If you are perhaps a little concerned about your waterproofing, then you should start by looking for the common signs that indicate your waterproofing is just starting to give in to the water around it. Here are three of the most obvious and easiest-to-spot signs that your waterproofing needs to be replaced.

Muddy Brown Stains On Your Wall Or Floor

If you get a stain that looks like it could be rust, then there is a very good chance that this comes from a failure in your waterproofing and not just from something rubbing up against the floor or wall. While this is the most common reason, there can also be other causes, especially if it is in an area that is not traditionally affected by water such as your living room or garage. Always get your home inspected by a professional before you book a contractor to redo your waterproofing.

Paint Bubbling, Cracking Or Peeling

Paint is an excellent indicator of whether something is wrong with your waterproofing or not because it is perhaps the first line of defence after the waterproofing itself. If your waterproofing fails, and moisture starts rising through the wall or floor, then the first thing it comes into contact with will be the paint on your wall. Never ignore when your paint starts acting strangely and as if it needs a new coat or two. Odds are the moisture affecting it is pretty bad for it to bubble, crack or peel, so make sure to fix it as soon as possible.


Often, you will smell a problem with your waterproofing before you see it because it is obscured by a wall or floor. When water is in contact with anything organic in a closed environment for a length of time, it will start to smell as bacteria and other off-putting growths begin in earnest. If you have cleaned your bathroom or kitchen and still can get a clear whiff of something out of the ordinary, then you could be smelling the beginning stages of mould and you need to get your waterproofing inspected right away.