If you're planning to open an adult entertainment store or sex shop, you may be wondering about the role shopfitters can play in preparing your retail space. A shopfitting job involves the installation of any equipment and fittings, as well as furniture, that will be used in your new commerce store. The work carried out by shopfitters can add a lot of value to your new business. Read on to find out more!

Installing screens

One of the most important considerations when planning your shop is installing screens. Screens are ideal for creating a sectioned off area for your store's more risqué products, allowing you to display them in a more tempting manner without risking offending passers-by or attracting the attention of local authorities. Placing screens in front of displays will help set the tone for your store and create an air of mystery around some of its contents. This can be particularly effective if you're looking to promote pricier items, as it will make customers feel like they're getting a special deal on something they wouldn't otherwise have been able to afford.

Tinting the windows

Another important consideration when planning to install screens is the level of privacy they will offer. Installing tinted glass in your windows will allow you to maintain a certain level of discretion, though you should take care to ensure that the lack of natural light does not prevent customers from being able to properly assess your products.

Video screens

Installing a video screen in the front of your shop will allow customers to watch videos as they browse through your selection. These can be particularly effective for promoting front-page items or more risqué products that you don't want customers to see until they make the purchase. This is because you can use this space to demonstrate the product on screen and thus allow customers to get a better idea of what they're actually buying.


The last thing you want when installing screens is for them to be drowned out by harsh sunlight. You can prevent this by installing overhead spotlights and fluorescent lighting, which will provide your screen with sufficient light to display your products in a tempting manner. Installing shade and dimmer switches will allow you to adjust the light levels in the store to make it more inviting for customers.

If you would like to find out more about this subject, you should make contact with a local shopfitting service. A member of staff will be happy to offer further help and advice.