The driveway paves the entrance to your home, so it's crucial to maintain and care for the surface. Additionally, a drive needs to be structurally sound and safe for your family and friends to use. If you have asphalt, it may be time for spray sealing, which is typically undertaken every few years or so. Consider the following benefits of driveway spray sealing.

Improved Appearance

Over time, asphalt can grow dull and faded, looking lacklustre. To seal the paving, contractors spray bitumen on top of the existing surface. They then spread a layer of gravel, which is pressed into the bitumen with a roller. After this restoration, your driveway will look a smart black colour, which will pop against green grass or any white elements in the landscape.

Prolong the Surface Life

These coatings prolong the life of the asphalt, extending the time when you need to dig up the old drive and replace it with a new one. Before the coating is applied, any small cracks or holes will need to be filled in and smoothed to prevent them from expanding to form large crevices and holes. This step alone will prolong the asphalt's life. Additionally, the spray contains oils that help to prevent the paving from drying out and becoming brittle. Plus, it protects the drive from the sun and rain, which can penetrate the surface and cause damage.


A driveway surface continually gets rubbed by car wheels and walking feet. This traffic eventually causes the asphalt to lose its grip. The new gravel will restore the traction, making the driveway less slippery and dangerous. As a result, it will be safer for family and friends to walk and drive on.

More Convenient than Alternatives

Spray sealing is a relatively quick process. Sometimes you can drive and walk on the surface almost immediately, and you don't have to wait days for it to cure. Additionally, applying a layer to the existing driveway is quicker than ripping up the old paving and starting from scratch. Therefore, this restoration treatment is relatively convenient compared to alternatives.

Thus, driveway spray sealing provides a range of benefits. It looks after the asphalt and maintains its integrity, as contractors will fix any small holes or cracks before they expand and grow. The new layer will protect the drive from the elements and hinder further damage. The kerb view will look more beautiful with fresh dark black paving. Plus, it will be safer for everyone to use.