If you are about to embark on constructing a new home, you may find the intricacies of building design a tad overwhelming. Nevertheless, just because you have a team of contractors working on your project does not mean you cannot have any valuable input. One of the areas of the home that is used on a daily basis is the kitchen. Therefore, you should have some of your character shine through in the overall design. The best way of achieving this would be to know which areas you could contribute when conceptualising the kitchen design. The following are tips that could come in handy when designing a modern kitchen.

Designing your splashbacks

Gone are the days when ceramic tiles were the go-to materials for kitchen splashbacks. As more homeowners are gravitating toward contemporary design, there has been an increase in the demand for unique materials that inject character and visual interest in the kitchen. Some of the materials that you could consider when designing your splashbacks include natural stone, metal and even glass.

Designing the kitchen layout

For time immemorial, the kitchen work triangle has been the basis when designing this space. The reason for this is the work triangle was thought to make navigation in the kitchen much easier for homeowners. As a result, most Australian kitchens will have this as a focal point in the kitchen design. If you would like something modern, you may want to veer away from this conventional design and create your own modern kitchen. Modern kitchen layouts do away with the work triangle in favour of an open plan kitchen. By not having the entire kitchen enclosed, the space gets the impression of being bigger. Another design element of the modern kitchen would be installing two sinks. The first primary sink can be located adjacent to your dishwasher while a smaller secondary sink can be fitted adjacent to your food prep area. These elements make the kitchen much more functional without you having to perambulate from one side to another.

Designing the pantry

Every kitchen needs a pantry, but unfortunately, not much thought is put into designing this storage area. Thus, you will find pantries tend to be a small closeted space stacked with shelves, making it hard for you to access food items the more stocked the pantry becomes. Instead of stationary shelving, opt for pantry inserts. These inserts make it easier for you to create shelving on a need to basis, rather than simply having to cram items inside the space. Secondly, since the inserts can be folded away discreetly, they can make your pantry look much more spacious than it is.

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