Good foundation drainage is essential for residential structures. Keeping water away from the base of the building will protect the living spaces from the detriments of seeping moisture. For example, wet basements are prone to mould growth. Also, reliable piling drainage will prevent major structural issues such as settlement or the differential movement of the home. Here are some crucial guidelines to help achieve the best foundation drainage.

Control Surface Drainage

The foundation can sustain damage due to the surface water accumulated during wet seasons. In simple terms, if the rainwater does not flow away but instead stagnates, it will be absorbed by the ground around your home and subsequently, your foundation. Therefore, you should think about modifying the slope in your property. Ideally, the yard should slope away from the house such that all water on the surface will be directed away from the foundation. For the best drainage correction, you should use surface channel drains and sump pumps.

Redesign Your Roof Plumbing

Another common cause of foundation drainage is the water flowing from the roof. If your downspouts and gutters are draining water close to your house, you will experience seepage problems. The water will stagnate at the base of the building and eventually infiltrate the structure. You should redesign your gutters and downspouts such that they drain on the slope intended to eliminate water from your yard. If this not possible, consider designing a drain catch basin to collect and the discharge from below the gutters and downspouts.

Remove Nearby Trees

If you have planted some landscaping trees around the house, you should have an arborist or other expert evaluate its potential danger. Commission removal if the tree will have a negative effect on your home. In general, when a tree is young, it is small and has minimal effect on the building. However, large trees will have deep and widespread roots. If the tree is close to your building, it will suck away all the moisture from the soil surrounding the foundation. As a result, the house will start settling. Also, trees which are too close to a building can cause structural damage by penetrating the foundation. Removal will prevent the occurrence of such problems.

If you are building a new home or planning on performing major foundation refurbishments, you should consider hiring experienced piling contractors. They will provide personalised advice on the most suitable steps to take for exceptional drainage.