Chain link fences are a popular option for homeowners, and especially for commercial property owners, as they're very affordable and easy to install. The chain link material is also very durable, but this doesn't mean that these fences are indestructible and will never need maintenance. It's good to check these fences for damage on a regular basis, and ensure you're keeping them clean and in good repair, so you don't need to replace that fence unnecessarily. Note a few tips on how to maintain your chain link fence over time.

Remove debris

If any debris tends to build up along the bottom of the fence, or along its posts, be sure to clean this up as quickly as possible. Twigs, newspapers, and other such items can hold moisture against the fence itself, so that it may be more prone to rust. Heavy debris such as tree branches can also cause the fence to sag and pull away from the posts and connectors. Removing these items quickly can then protect the fence from damage.

Clean it

Sometime mould or moss can build up along the connectors that hold the sections of chain link to the posts, and this can eventually weaken the fence. Avoid using bleach to clean these areas, as bleach can be damaging to the soil; use a diluted vinegar solution to spray down the fence instead. Vinegar will kill any moss or mould without harming your lawn or landscaping.

Tighten the connectors

The weight of the sections of chain link itself can cause the connectors to eventually pull away from the posts and the top rail. It's good to check on these pieces, as often as needed, to ensure that they're properly connected and secure. Tightening the bolts and any wires or ties that are holding the fence in place will keep it from sagging. If the bolts or ties and wires are rusted, they should be replaced as soon as possible, so the fence is strong and secure and always upright.

Check the posts

When a chain link fence is installed, the posts for the fence are usually buried deep in the ground, and may also have a concrete base to hold them in place. However, it's good to check these posts for any tipping, which can lead to the entire fence falling over. If you notice any post to your fence that doesn't seem secure, call a fencing contractor to have this issue addressed and corrected, so the fence doesn't lean or collapse.