Foundation piling is necessary when the ground on which you are laying a structure is too soft to bear the load of the building. The process reinforces the foundation and prevents the risk of future ground movement which can compromise the structural stability of the structure.

If your contractor confirms that you need foundation piling during the construction, the first thing that will come to mind is how much the process will cost you. Understanding the factors that affect the cost of building a pile when laying a foundation can help you budget appropriately for the project. Below are some of the primary variables that determine how much you will pay for foundation piling.

Skills required in designing piles

Piles are not standard structures that can be laid on every foundation. Each construction requires careful designing of piles that will adequately reinforce the foundation and prevent future problems. For very soft and problematic soils, highly skilled experts are needed to examine the earth and carefully design the best piles for the project. In such a case, you will have to pay the experts more than what you would if the soil didn't require much attention. Luckily, your contractor may have connections to reputed specialists who can design the piles for you at an affordable rate.

Materials and time needed for construction 

The materials and time required to construct foundation piles will affect the cost of the project. These will be determined by the types of piling carried out on the site. There are two types of foundation piling: displacement and replacement piling. Displacement piles are constructed offsite, transported to the site, and laid down using specialised equipment. In replacement piling, holes are dug on the ground and steel or concrete piles laid on the foundation.

Displacement piling may be less costly since little time is wasted on the site during construction, but it may set you back financially since you have to hire equipment for laying down the pile. On the other hand, replacement piling may be costly if a lot of time is spent digging the holes and laying down the steel.

Pre-piling preparation

What amount of preparation is required before laying the piles? Depending on the nature of the soil and the location of the site, you may need specialised equipment to access the ground. These include drilling and excavation tools. Additionally, some site repairs may be necessary after laying down the piles. All these factors will affect the overall cost of the project. If the site is not readily accessible or the ground requires sophisticated equipment, you will incur more as compared to a standard piling project.

Contact a piling contractor so that you can discuss your individual foundation piling needs and the estimated cost of the project.