For most property owners, air conditioning installation is a pretty straightforward process. Find a suitable cooling system, contact the technician and get the unit installed. However, a common misconception in this process is that the property owner doesn't have to make some preparations because the installation pro will take care of everything.

Needless to say, this isn't the case. For smooth and seamless AC installation, you'll need to put in some effort too. So, before signing up for the cooling system installation, here are some things you must do to prepare.

Know how your air conditioner works

Air conditioners are not one-size-fits-all systems. They come in different types, and all have unique features. To pick a suitable option for your property, it's important to know about the available features and how each type works.

Traditional split systems are the most common choice, which come with indoor and outdoor units that provide cold air through the ducts. This air conditioner functions as a single, closed unit. The second option is a ductless mini-split system which resembles the standard split system. Though it consists of an outdoor unit, it utilises individual blowers in the home, instead of ductwork, to deliver the cool air. Lastly, there is an eco-friendly option—the geothermal system. This unit uses an in-ground loop that relies on the steady earth temperatures to heat and cool the house. During winter, the system extracts heat from the ground and then deposits it into the building, and it does the opposite in summer.

Confirm whether you have ample space

It's essential to check the available space before the air conditioning unit is installed. If there is space where another unit was initially installed, ensure the new unit matches those measurements. Make the necessary adjustments if it doesn't fit.

Clean and seal the ductwork

Clean and air out the old ducts before the new system is installed. Dust and dirt particles that accumulated in the vents before can easily damage the air conditioner once it starts operating, or they can affect the air circulation and quality negatively. It's advisable to assign this task to a professional cleaning company to ensure the job is done correctly.

Clear the path

There needs to be a clear path from the entrance door to the installation area before your contractor arrives. Therefore, move anything that may get in the way like toys, tables, vases, chairs, couches and slippery rugs, among other objects. Keeping these items away prevents potential accidents and property damage, and it makes things easier for the contractor during the installation process.

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