When it comes to remodelling your kitchen, you'll need to make choices between various splashback materials. Selecting glass will reap many benefits.

Seamless And Sleek

Glass splashbacks evoke a sleek, lustrous look in a kitchen. The clear expanse, uninterrupted by lines of grout, creates a smooth, calming facade rather than a busy, crowded one. Typically, several large panels connect seamlessly across the wall. Just think of the subtle but beautiful expanses of a granite cliff or an azure sky. The fluid glass surface itself produces a lovely aesthetic.

Choose Whatever Colour You Wish

The fun part of a kitchen remodel is selecting the colours of all the elements. A glass splashback provides free reign in this regard. Use a colour chart to choose from a vast range, including off-whites, forest-like greens and fiery reds. Blend the splashback with the wall by repeating the hue so the transition between two materials is almost seamless. Alternatively, decorate it as a centrepiece with a majestic purple. 

Glazing Options And Colour

As the paint goes on the back of the glass, your choice of glazing alters the final shade. Frosted glass eliminates glare and softens the colour behind it. By combining a fire-engine red with frosting, you will evoke a classic but striking effect. Standard glass carries a natural hint of green due to its inner iron content. This can influence the result if you select a light hue, but low-iron glass will render the back paint at its purist. 

Select A Print

With a glass splashback, you not only have boundless colour options, but you can back print any high-quality digital image. The only limit to design possibilities is your imagination and the pictures you can discover. You might like to print a picture of a substrate such as brick, granite, timber or ceramic tiles. The beauty is that they will be behind a sleek glass material — other images include retro wallpaper and geometric motifs. 

Durable And Easy To Clean

If you want a splashback material that simplifies cleaning, glass is ideal. With minimal joints, you won't face copious grout lines to scrub and keep clean. All glass needs is a simple spray and a soft cloth to maintain its lustre. Because glass splashbacks typically use toughened glass, which has five times the strength of standard varieties, you don't need to worry about its resilience around a hot stove. Since it is non-porous, glass is also exceptionally hygienic.

For more information on glass splashbacks, contact a glass retailer.