Imagine it is a summer afternoon and you are relaxing under the shade of your pergola, listening to good music and sipping a refreshing drink. Sounds serene, right? It is the kind of feeling pergola builders must strive to offer their clients if they want to command a good portion of the market. Designing and building a pergola should consider the facts that the home is a client's sanctuary and the outdoor space is their oasis. Therefore, making the outdoor space as comfortable as possible by designing and building an aesthetically appealing and functional pergola should be your sole objective. However, you can only do so if you keep up to date with pergola trends. Read on for some insight into the latest pergola trends. 

Temperature Control Feature -- Generally, pergolas are synonymous with the summer, when it is much more comfortable to spend time outdoors. However, what happens when the cold season sets in? Most homeowners retreat to indoors and leave their pergolas unused for a better part of the entire season. However, this does not have to be the case because today, pergolas are equipped with temperature control capabilities. When it gets cold at night or when the cold season sets in, homeowners simply turn on a heater. Tucked away from sight, the heater warms the space inside the pergola to a comfortable temperature. The good news is that you can control the temperature, depending on how cold it gets. Therefore, your clients can enjoy their investment in the pergola all season. 

Wood Embossed Aluminum -- Pergolas were traditionally made from low-maintenance materials such as fibreglass and vinyl. The main advantage of these materials is their low-maintenance aspect; therefore, homeowners do not have to spend a lot. However, you can achieve better aesthetics with embossed aluminium. It is low-maintenance because your clients can leave the pergola unpainted, and the wood grain embossing gives the panels a wood-like effect so that you end up with a beautiful pergola. 

Motorized Louvered Covers -- Pergola covers vary for one homeowner's taste to the other. Some homeowners want covers made from fabric while others prefer a ceiling cover. While the designs are unique, they are not as functional as a pergola is expected to be. Enter motorized louvred covers. In this design, the builders install a louvred cover over the pergola and connect the cover to an electric source. Since the louvres are motorized, it is easy to control airflow from above for a fresher and cooler environment. The best part is that your clients can control the louvres from a seated position. 

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