A demolition contractor will help you pull down your residential or commercial building. Finding a demolition contractor that understands your project needs can be a daunting task. This extract discusses some questions to ask you demolition contractor to help examine their expertise. 

How Will You Prepare For Demolition? 

The contractor should conduct a site visit to help him plan the demolition. The extent of the demolition works will determine whether or not you need a demolition permit from the local council. During the inspection, the contractor will check site hazards such as close buildings, roads, electrical wires, trees, and underground water pipes. Decluttering is an essential aspect of the demolition process. Typically, the contractor will also strip the house by removing interior components such as electronics, all house fittings, floors and roofs. 

What Equipment Will You Use? 

The scale of the demolitions, the location of nearby buildings and roads will help the contractor decide the kind of equipment to use. For example, if the building is located in an urban area, the contractor will use methods that limit the spread of debris. For instance, they could use human labour or small machines such as pneumatic hammers and pulverisers to remove the roof and non-structural walls. Excavators are used to pull down slabs and pillars. If the contractor has a large working area, they will use excavators, wrecking balls, or implosives to demolish the building.

What Safety Measures Will You Observe? 

Below are some safety measures to observe at the site: 

  • The contractor should remove dangerous materials such as asbestos, lead, PVC and halogenated flame retardants.
  • Water, electricity and gas lines must be disconnected before the demolitions.
  • All equipment should have a safety inspection report verifying that they are safe to use.
  • The contractor should use barricades to prevent anyone else from accessing the site.
  • All personnel should have personal protective clothing.  

How Will You Handle Demolition Waste? 

Recycling is an environmentally-friendly way to clear the demolition waste. Start by selling or donating furniture and fittings such as toilet seats and bathroom vanities. Metal components should be sold to scrap metal dealers. On the other hand, bricks and concrete can be crushed and used as aggregate when constructing pavements and driveways. Wood can be used as fuel. It may not be possible to recycle all the waste at the site. As such, the contractor should transport any remains to an appropriate landfill.